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LA Times Series on Autism
Popular autism therapy mixes warm praise, firm guidance
In Part 3 of a 4-part series on Autism, the L.A. Times looks at treatment and outcome. The Times reporter visited Autism Partnership to see first hand how ABA treatment is implemented and interviewed our staff for the article
Dr. Manny of Fox News discusses Autism Partnershipís newly released Crafting Connections and the Social Skills Workshop Tour
APís RESQ program on CNN
Marissa, the middle Bilson child, was diagnosed with autism when she was a toddler. Her mother, Mary, a nurse, knew something wasn't right early on, when young Marissa's tantrums were off the charts and seemingly unwarranted. Watch how APís RESQ Program help a family in Chaos!
SERVICES - Singapore / Worldwide

Autism Partnership provides a wide range of services for children and their families as well as training for professionals who are involved in the treatment and education of children with autism.

  • Individual Treatment
    In order to achieve the best from the ABA intervention, Autism Partnership supports clinic- and home-based instruction at our Singapore office...
  • Social Skills Groups
  • Training and Professional Development
    Autism Partnership offers training workshops which allows professionals, paraprofessionals and parents to learn skills that they can directly apply in their ...
  • Parenting with ABA 2012
    Parents and care givers of young children with Autism can easily be left out of the learning loop right from the start
  • AP School
    Welcome to out Elementary Class program. It is a primary school program for children with ASD aged 6-12.
  • Program Development & Consultations
    Families or schools located in areas where appropriate expertise in Applied Behavioral analysis is not readily available benefit from regularly scheduled consultation visits from Autism Partnership senior staff.